Tibet Native Travel Services

When it comes to traveling in Tibet, the Tibet Native Travel Company is an exceptional resource for travel information and services. Many visitors to this unforgettable land want to explore beyond the typical tourist sights, and enjoy real interactions with local people. The Tibet Native Travel Company provides that exclusive access to visitors from all over the world. The knowledgeable staff members are native to Tibet and intimately know every corner of the places. Training is ongoing, and highly qualified tour directors visit the company’s office each year to ensure the highest level of our service quality.
After 13 years of providing excellent travel services, TNT now invites travelers to explore the planet’s third pole, THE LAND OF SNOW! This once-in-a-lifetime journey is just one of our exciting new itineraries and destinations.
The services offered by TNT include coordinating itineraries for individual travelers and larger groups, including helping visitors get travel permits, transportation, rental cars, flights, hotels and other customized needs. Our well-trained staff works closely with clients to handle any potential issues guarantee a memorable vacation!
TNT has helped travelers from all over the world experience the historic and beautiful land of Tibet, and we are always looking for new ways to impress and surprise visitors. Providing a perfect trip for clients is our top priority, and exceeding expectations is standard. Join us for a life-changing adventure, support the local economy, and turn your long-awaited dream of traveling to Tibet into a reality.
We will handle every detail… all you need to do is have fun!

Our Mission

     Tibet Native  Mission 

  • Deliver unforgettable travel experiences for clients
  • Provide job opportunities for local guides and drivers
  • Design socially responsible excursions and tours
  • Support the local economy of Tibet

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us 

  • More than 15 Years of Experience
  • Affordable pricing
  • Expertise and Professionalism
  • Unique Travel Opportunities
  • No Tourist Traps
  • A Diverse Team of Destination Experts
  • Focus on Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • High Rate of Repeat Customers

Our Value

Our Values


We stand out from the competition by delivering services of exceptional quality and inspirational travel opportunities for every client. 


Satisfying our clients is essential, so we customize every itinerary and journey to their needs and desires. We utilize all available resources and contacts within our travel network to ensure that expectations are always exceeded.


We approach every client interaction and relationship as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of loyalty and trust.


We promote kindness, tolerance, empathy and mutual respect between all of our travel experts and guides, and we extend those same important considerations to every single client.


We take our business very seriously, and ensure that we are punctual, honest, thoughtful and prepared for every eventuality. Our clients can rest assured that what we promise is what they get!