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Even in big cities of Tibet, like Lhasa, Shigatse and Tsedang, only luxury hotels are equipped with central air conditioner and other facilities with modern comforts and conveniences. There is only individual air conditioner in each room in most hotels, but the heating effect is not perfect to make the room warm enough. Most hotels offer 24-hour hot water supply except in winter when hot water is only available at limited time in the morning and at night, and the Client needs to wait for a while to get hot water after turning on the tap. 

Guesthouses or hostels in Tibet are not equipped with heating or cooling system and only offer hot water at limited time in the morning and in the evening. Since most hotels offer considerable discount during winter, the Company highly recommend the Client to choose comfortable or luxury hotels when travelling to Tibet in winter.   

In small towns and remote villages of Tibet, such as Zhangmu, Tingri and Saga, the hotels or hostels only offer hot water at limited time in the morning and in the evening or just one or two thermos bottles available. The rooms are not equipped with air conditions and some hotels may provide electric blankets in winter, but the Client might also feel cold at night. Thus, the Client is highly recommended to ask for a hot water bottle or heater from the Company in winter.  

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