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Top 5 Trekking in Tibet

Top 5 Trekking in Tibet

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Tibet Travel Guide by Regions

Tibet Major tourism cities & towns

Tibet Autonomous Area offers formed four tourism regions: Lhasa, western Tibet, southwestern Tibet, and southern Tibet. With Lhasa as the guts, Shigatse, and Lhoka (Shannan) as the assistant regions, Tibet is rolling out a tourism layout radiating Nagchu, Ngari, Nyingtri, and Chamdo. Among the four regions, Lhasa features tourist spots like Lhasa City, Yangbachen, Damshung, Gyangtse, Tsetang, Shigatse, Yamdrok Yumtso, and other areas of rich cultural and natural scenery.

Lhasa is situated on the northern bank of the Lhasa Kyichu River, a tributary from the Yarlung Tsangpo, in the mid-south of Tibet autonomous Region. To the east and southeast of Lhasa are the regions of Nyingtri and Shannan (Lhoka in the Tibetan language); Nagchu neighbors Lhasa around the north and west Shigatse city lies on its southwest.Read More…

Shigatse is located in the mid-south of Tibet. To its east are Lhasa, Ngari at its west, Nagchu on its north, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Nepal lie to its south. Besides the city of Shigatse, the region also includes 17 counties: Nyalam, Dinggye, Kyirong, Sakya, Yadong(Dromo), Gyangtse, She Tongmon, Lhatse, Ngamring, Tingri, Gamba, Kangmar, Drongpa, Saga, Rinpuk, Pel Nag, and Namling.Read More…

Lhoka Region is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, between Lhasa to the north, Nyingtrit towards the east, Shigatse to the west and bordering Bhutan and India on the south along the Himalayas. In this region of 80,000 square kilometers live 290,000 people, Tibetan people take up 98 percent of the population.Read More…

Lying in the southeastern part of Tibet, Nyingchi sits at the center and lower reaches from the Yarlung Zangbo Shouldering Qamdo around the east, Nyingchi has Nagchu as the northern neighbor, with Lhasa and Lhoka within the west. Southwest India and Myanmar lie for the southern border.Read More…

Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in the east. Qing hai Province over the north, Nyingtri area on the south, and Nagchu on the west. The region includes 11 counties: Chamdo Mangkang, Zogang, Konjo, Penbar, Pelsho, Lhorong, Jonda, Riwoche, Tengchen, and Drayab Covering 130,000 square kilometers, the region is home to 460, 000 people.Read More…

The name” Nagchu” comes from the river Nagchu which is the upper reaches of the Salween River (Gyelmo Ngulchu). In the past, the river was also called the “Black River. In the Qing Dynasty1644-1911), the Manchurian rulers called the river Halawasu” or“ Kalawusu:” Today,” Nagchu refers to the region, county, town, district, and river.Read More…

In the tourism region, there are ruins from the Guge Kingdom. The ancient Toding Temple in the Tsada County as well as the Purang County, the sacred Gang Rinpoche Peak (Kailash), and the Mapam Yumco (Manasarovar) Lake are revered in Hinduism, Jainism, Bon Religion, Tibetan Buddhism and many other religions.Read More…