a clean and healthy Everest

Environmental Rules in 2019 to Protect Mount Everest

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Massive cleaning up Trash from the World’s Highest Mountain Everest 8848m 
The world expect for a clean and healthy Everest

Massive cleaning up Trash from the World’s Highest Mountain Everest 8848m Chomo Langma, is going to continue doing a large scale up through 2019.  According to the local authorities reports, there were about 60,000 climbers, tourists, guides and logistic teams visit the Southern & Northern Everest Region between Nepal and China Tibet each year.

Effects of climate change at Everest

Tourists visited  the Mt. Everest nature reserve area only in the year 2018. And, since from the first recorded efforts to reach the summit of the world highest peak Everest. And, subsequent successful ascent of the mountain from British expeditionary team in 1953. The desire to conquer the world highest mountain “Everest” has never been ceased. However, with the increasing no of climbers each year, human activities have had a negative effect in the area in recent decades. These man made activities result over 140 tons of trash including oxygen bottles, canned food, equipment. And, these activities are  causing 12 tons of human waste on the mountain every year. These astonishing weight of wastes are due to no toilet at such high altitude of above 5000 meters.

Cleaning up mission at Everest

This mission will supposedly go as high as 8000 meters on Everest to try to remove bodies of former climbers who died in the so-called Everest Death Zone. We as a local Tibetan is feeling gratified for this act. And, especially pay our salute to all climbers striving to return the world a clean and healthy Everest.

Meanwhile, eco-friendly (Environmental bus) electrical bus, transporting tourist to the Everest base camp is becoming a new measure. This new intervention is aiming to reduce the air pollution and protect the environment of the Mount Everest national park. More eco-friendly toilets are also available along the roadside and near the Everest Base Camp.

Will this post any barriers to travelers to Everest?

One of the most common questions on Tibet Tour, we get asked recently by clients from around the world is  “CAN WE STILL BE ABLE TO VISIT NORTH FACE OF EVEREST”.  Due to misinformation or unclear reports on different media, created this like, Tourist can not visit Everest base camp. The fact is, tourist (non-climbers) in 2019, could proceed as far as Rongphuk Monastery  རོང་ཕུག་དགོན།which is about 5 km from the designated Everest Base Camp for tourist, 2 km from the local tent Guesthouses, as shown in the photo.