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Sonam Gyatso Owner

A destined tour operator & The best tour operator in Tibet

I am Sonam Gyatso.

I was created and raised in Lhasa. As a kid, I’ve fond remembrances of using my friends around alleyways of our neighborhood. Frequently we’d meet western tourists, and we quite definitely enjoy using them as well. I believe my desire to learn English and to be genuinely an area of the Tibet tourism industry probably started since my early childhood.

We educated at Tibet University, where I could improve my English . Since my graduation, I have already been performing a tour guide for higher than a decade.

A lot of my clients especially appreciated my focus on detail and personalized care, and soon I had been nominated as the very best sales manager in the business.

I earned a posture as Travel Manager within an online travel agency in 2006. Over another five years, I successfully assisted a lot more than 5000 overseas travelers in planning their trips throughout Tibet.

During this period of employed in the web travel agency, clients had been a genuine cultural lover and so are expecting an actual, authentic Tibetan encounter. Tibet includes a lengthy and rich history and culture.

In 2012 I started Tibet Native Tours & Travel company, especially to add even more customized tour programs that can offer people to Tibet an array of travel options with just what they want at a realistic price.

Tibet Native Travel Service specializes in assisting the neighborhood economy through the use of local Tibetan guides and Local Tibetan drivers, including some staff from rural and remote regions of Tibet.