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August 23, 2018

Best food joints and restaurants in Tibet

Can any holiday trip be complete without food? Certainly not! Especially if you are in Tibet or are planning a trip any time soon, trying out the exotic Tibetan cuisine that’s limited in ingredients but rich in taste should top your list of things to do. Here is a list of some of the famous restaurants out there that one must visit to taste the best of Tibetan cuisine.
♣ Xueshengong Tibetan Style Restaurant (雪神宫藏餐厅)
Xueshengong Tibetan Style Restaurant (雪神宫藏餐厅) is one of the most famous restaurants serving the best Tibetan cuisine in Lhasa. It is situated on the west side of the grand Potala palace and is frequented by residents and tourists alike. One may have to wait to get a table. The restaurant offers a diversified menu of all sorts of Tibetan dishes cooked to perfection. They specialize in mashed yak meat, Tibetan momos, yak blood sausage, and yogurt.
♣ Makye Ame (玛吉阿米)
Another best one on the list is the Makye Ame (玛吉阿米) with the bird-eye view of the Jhakong palace. This restaurant serves some of the best Himalayan dishes with the most appealing ambiance. They specialize in curried potatoes, grilled mushrooms, roasted lamb, and acid turnip fried beef. Once again, one may have to wait a bit to savor your taste buds on the best tender meat.
♣ Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant (圣地素餐厅)
Last but not the least, of course, Holy Land Vegetarian is Tibet’s famous vegetarian chain. The restaurant is one of the finest dining spots in Tibet. The menu is vast enough, but the specialties include unglazed shrimp, skillet tablets, and braised pork. The restaurant offers delicious food with vegetables and mouth-watering sauces.
Eating in Tibet is more about eating out on local stalls and spots.
Don’t forget to treat your taste buds with local Tibetan street food. The best of them are Tibetan noodles, tsampa, Masen, Tibetan dumplings, air-dried meat and how can one skip on the butter tea and barleywine!
Make your Tibet tour best with some of its best cuisine specialties. We have your options sorted to fulfill your food craving and treat your buds to the fullest in Tibetan style.

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