Ecotourism in Tibet

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Eco-Travel in Tibet

Tibetan traditional notions about environment

The pristine natural Environment of Tibet is one of  the most important attractions for every domestic and inbound tourist. Travelers from around the world, spare their precious time to journey into this beautiful place, often known as the “land of snows.” Tibet Plateau is the world’s most complex and intact alpine eco-region with an average altitude of above 4000meters from sea level. It’s worldwide known distinctive culture and tradition of Buddhism and Bon practiced by the Tibetan for centuries, has transformed Tibetans to show great compassion towards other living beings and the environment they inhabit.

Thanks for this uplifting century-old world view that determined the interdependent relationship between humans and nature. Tibet plateau remained one of the earth’s largest regions with relatively untouched by human activities. Today there are more and more local native travel businesses are offering  eco responsible tours to help protect the natural and cultural heritage of Tibet. With an emphasis on enriching travelers experiences and environmental awareness through interpretation. Eco-Travel in Tibet also promotes greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture.

The role of Buddhist practice in environmental conservation

Tibetans orient themselves towards the environment they live in by means of interconnected Buddhist and Bon notions:

  • Natural environment, such as mountains, lakes, trees, and so on are power places of local gods and spirits to the general Tibetan people. There is widespread belief in the importance of being aware of their powers and remaining in their good graces.
  • sin and karma related to killing animals and plants;
  • Buddhist moral precepts especially non-violence.
Small things, big impact

Tibet Native staffed 100% of local Tibetans, embracing environmental sustainability criteria in our businesses, has been playing our own role in the preservation of the natural environment in some of the center Tibet’s best-known trekking region, such as Tsurphu ༼ཚུར་ཕུ།༽to Yangpa Chen ༼ཡངས་པ་ཅན།༽ and Gaden ༼དགའ་ལྡན་༽to Samye ༼བསམ་ཡས།༽ trekking route.

We use 3% of company annual income to support local nature conservation work. We also hire local people from the region and pay fair wages. Educating them about the importance of environmental protection. And, empowering local communities to build ownership in what they were working for.  In March 2019, we launched a 5 day clean-up initiative together with 8 people including 5 local nomads. In a collective effort with local supporters. Tracing the road from Gaden to Samye trail collected over 280kg of garbage along the trek. This kind of initiative is becoming an increasing focus among peer travel agencies. Although, it is only a tiny fraction of the many efforts local peer eco-responsible companies are doing. But, we believe “small things, will have a great impact!”

We are now looking for every opportunity to launch some collective actions, involving schools, private business sectors. To expand the scope of our work bit by bit to add stronger contributions to keep Tibet’s intact environmental beauty to the world. Finally, we welcome tourist from around the world to this land of snows, Tibet. Although, due to spread of  the pandemic COVID-19 in the world, and continuing rise in many countries, but the unique position of tourism in global economy, to help put the global economy back on its feet, once the pandemic has passed.