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Tibet Flight FAQs

 Tibet Flight FAQs

What documents will I need at the airport?

If you are travelling from China, you will need your original TTP as well as your regular travel documents. From Lhasa, you will need your Group Visa. In both instances, we will assist with applications and supply the documentation.

If you made my bookings, how will I get my tickets?

You do not require original tickets. We will supply the booking information. Supply this information together with your passport when checking in for your flight.

When are Tibet air tickets cheapest?

The only time of year when you might be able to get a discounted ticket would be in the off-season which begins in November and ends in March.

Can I fly direct to Tibet on an international flight?

Only flights from Nepal and China land at Lhasa.

What is my luggage allowance?


Note that first class passengers may bring two items of carry-on luggage while other passengers may only bring one carry-on bag. Extra baggage fees apply if limits are exceeded.

Can I arrive in a Tibetan city other than Lhasa?

We recommend Lhasa as the best place to begin your Tibetan experience, but there are other airports including Shigatse, Linzhi, Chengdu and Ali Airports. If you would like to investigate any of these options, contact us for further information.

How long does it take to get to Lhasa from the airport?

Lhasa’s Gonggar Airport is about 68km outside the city and there is an excellent road connection. Your Tibet tour guide will be there to meet you and will arrange a hired car or shuttle for your convenience.

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