How to plan a Tibet tour

How to plan A Tibet tour

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“How to plan a Tibet tour”

Tibet is the land of diversity. People from all over the world want to see the beauty of Tibet and the best part is that it is accessible throughout the year. However, you will have to schedule your trip based on what you want to see inTibet. In order to see what you would like experience in Tibet, highly depend on the question of HOW TO PLAN A TIBET TOUR.

Here are a few essentials you need to take care of on your trip to Tibet:

Tibet has much to offer all year round! The weather is extremely harsh from December to March, though this still allows tourists, however, the options available to visit Tibet will become niche. If you want to explore the peaks, the mild weather from April to June will serve you the best. For the lovers of cultural heritage – Mid July to August is the best time for your Tibet tour plan.

The famous Shoton Festival, Chokor Duchen, Harvest Festival and Horse Races take place during this time. The weather is warm during August and November so if you’re someone who doesn’t like warm weather – this will not be ideal for you.

But did we mention that August-November is the best for trekking?

Tibet is a plateau and is fairly large. Even if someone wants to explore all of it at once, they just cannot. Tibet is divided into seven accessible parts, while there are other places prohibited for travel and tour. You will have to choose your area of exploration beforehand.

You will have the opportunity to explore the transcendental Kailash and the relics and ruins of the Guge Kingdom to satisfy your love for archeological treasure.

Your Tibet tour should last for 15 days at least to get a complete insight of your tourist destination. You will need a Tibetan guide to make your journey easy. He will guide you about the customs of the locals and regarding the languages spoken in the region so you don’t feel isolated in the midst of Tibetans.

In order to carry your planned Tibet tour, you will require to apply for a Tibet entry permit. This is checked on the plane, railway station and at all the attractions – so keep it close to your heart! We handle the best permit applications and get our customers a travel permit even during peak seasons.

Things you shouldn’t forget about

The apparel that the locals wear isn’t skimpy – so it’s better to take covered clothing with you. Get your cameras, extra battery, personal toiletries and beauty essentials in your travel bag and you are good to go!!

Don’t forget that you may lose cellphone signals in many parts of Tibet and lose contact with your loved ones. So keep a basic cellphone and a local sim to be purchased in your list of essentials. Or you may stay in touch with our guide so that he can keep your family updated.

Get in touch with us for your Tibet travel information and we will take care of everything from your permits to booking flights to your indelible traveling experience.