Travel to tibet from Singapore

Trip to Tibet from Singapore

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Growing connection of Singapore and Tibet in antiquity

trip to Tibet from Singapore

Buddhist brothers & sisters from Singapore guided by Ven

The very developed country Singapore is where many travel enthusiasts rest their bums throughout the year. Tibet, being the land of serenity, spirituality, calmness, and dreams, with a dominating Buddhists culture exhibiting the adventurous Himalayan heights and the great monasteries is one of the best landmarks for almost every next visitor. And, the case goes the same way with people who try to fulfill their spiritual quest by doing a trip to Tibet from Singapore. With distinct religions for the endless adventures it has to offer.Well, the first question that pops up in mind just after you think of it is, “how to get the visa?” when making a Trip to Tibet from Singapore.

A visa free policy 

Well, people traveling to China from Singapore are fortunate to skip on the visa procedure. If you are going to Tibet from Singapore then, CHEERS, “YOU ACTUALLY DON’T NEED A VISA FOR 15 DAYS!”  How cool is that!

Cultural fascination

Singapore are one of the biggest hubs of distinct religions resting side by side. Hindus, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christians are the main religions practiced in Singapore. Singapore is familiar to Tibet mainly because of Buddhism since 60% of population of Hans background. These Han origin Singaporeans believe in buddhist tradition from century which make a trip to Tibet from Singapore sensible.

Get in touch with us “Tibet Native” for your trip to Tibet from Singapore

We, at Tibet Native tours, are here to make your Singapore to Tibet journey very simple. Visa is not the hassle for you. So the first step guide to your, “how to visit Tibet from Singapore ” is to surf to our website and select any of our tour packages from your country to Tibet. Keep in mind that the offered dates on our site are fixed and unaltered, so make sure you plan accordingly.

After selecting your desired dummy tour from our website for private and group, mail us the details on our email id: (insert your id here). And, we will coordinate you with the most cost-effective package itinerary according to your desires and dates.

Simple steps of tour booking confirmation

The next step involves confirmation and passport procedure.

  • Confirm our proposed itinerary with a few dollar deposits into our PayPal account.
  • Send us the scanned copy of your passport so that we can arrange for the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism office.
Once you have booked us, we have got your back!

There are no direct flights, that will take you from Singapore to Tibet.  Instead, what you have to do is find the most reasonable ride to Chengdu from your country or else, deposit some money again and leave it on us to arrange the best.

Cheers! We will handover your Tibet Travel Permit to you on your arrival in gate way city,(Chengdu) You are on the board now, one last step to the fascinating Tibet.

We arrange your flights from Chengdu to Lhasa then, through any one of the cheapest domestic airlines and prone you to the fantastic Tibet at last!

Book your best trip to Tibet in winters with us, and we will make it exciting to the most at an affordable price.

Finally, trip to Tibet from Singapore is both easy to organize and high valued.