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Travel to Tibet for an Overland Everest Tour: The Adventure of a Lifetime

When it comes to your holidays, you’d like to do something you’ve never done before – something you’ll remember as the highlight of a lifetime. Not for you the tourist traps and mainstream resorts – you’re up for adventure! With travel to Tibet and an overland Everest tour, you have found it. But don’t worry! You don’t need to be an expert mountain climber to enjoy an Everest adventure.

First, get to know Lhasa

Before you venture forth towards Everest, you will want to get a good look at the city on the roof of the world: Lhasa. The name alone conjures up all that is mysterious! Who better to show you around than your local guides?

The Potala Palace is your first port of call. Towering atop its hilltop fastness, this architectural marvel was re-constructed in 1645. Originally, the palace is was built in the 7th century and it was constructed under the orders of the 33rd king of Tibet. Strict quotas limit the number of visitors per day to avoid overcrowding, but once you have booked your tour, securing entry is not a concern for you. Some visitors travel to Tibet just to see this amazing palace.

Next, you’ll view the Jokang Temple. Known as the spiritual heart of the city, and still the center of the Lhasa temple network, its central role is reflected by the way streets radiate outwards from it. The giant temple covers 2.15 hectares and you will want to see it from every angle.

Now, your attention shifts to the network of ancient streets surrounding the temple. This authentic shopping district will offer you a glimpse into the lives of ordinary Tibetans, even though it is a tourist “must see.”

You’ll be very pleased to know that your tour allows you an extra day for sightseeing in Lhasa because your first day will be just enough to get you started!

Onwards to Tsedang and Shigatse

You won’t feel ready to leave Lhasa yet, but as the magnificent landscape unfolds, you’ll be glad your local Tibet tour guide has brought you to the cradle of Tibetan civilization. From historic man-made landmarks to breath-taking natural scenery, you’ll be afraid of missing something if you so much as blink!


Yamdrok Lake 

On your way to Sigatse, you will have an opportunity to admire Yamdrok Lake. Locally, it is considered to be the holiest and most beautiful of lakes. Once you have seen it, you will be filled with the same reverence and awe it inspires in the hearts of Tibetans. It’s located south of Lhasa and you will be crossing this beautiful lake en route to Shigatse.

Karola Glacier 

After you have enjoyed the magnificence of Yamdrok Lake, more wonders are in store. You will reach the Karola Glacier which is one of the biggest glaciers near Lhasa. The incredible glacier is popular with people from around the world and draws many visitors – but locals also admire it and are fond of visiting the area.



Gyantse is a unique ancient town where you can explore the pagoda and Kumbum monastery which was built in 1418 by the Rabten Kusang with the help of the first Dalai Lama. You will feel as if you have been swept back in time as you tread streets that have seen the passage of centuries. After experiencing Gyantse town, you will continue to Shigatse, and on the way, you can see the biggest agricultural zone in the Tibet.



Everest is calling, so now your tour takes you to the city that is known as the Gateway to Everest, Shigatse. The excitement mounts as you view the bustling city, the second largest in the Tibet Autonomous Region, where the ancient meets the modern in a unique harmony. Tomorrow will be even more exciting!

At last! Everest Base Camp!

It’s day six, and your tour group and its local guide set out on the adventure that brought you here in the first place: Everest! It will be, quite literally, the high point of your trip. From Shigatse, you travel to Everest Base Camp where exploring will be the order of the day.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about all the logistics. You’re well taken care of and focus your energy on enjoying your adventure. Of course, it will be time to get the holiday pic that will have all your friends gasping in envy: you on the slopes of Everest itself. But your adventures don’t end here.

Rongbuk: The monastery at the roof of the world

“Some colossal architect, who built with peaks and valleys, seemed here to have wrought a dramatic prodigy—a hall of grandeur that led to the mountain.” These were the words of one of the first Europeans to behold Rongbuk, and we can guarantee that you will be just as awestruck. Here, monks and nuns still seek spiritual enlightenment, and you are sure to feel the need for some quiet contemplation of your own as you imprint the magnificent surroundings on your memory forever. Your seventh day in Tibet shows you that its wonders never cease.


Namtso Lake the Heavenly Lake at Journey’s End

It’s hard to believe that your eight-day Tibet tour is almost over, but on your final day, it’s time you visited the lake that’s nearest to heaven. It’s the highest salt water lake in all the world, and its exquisitely blue waters are framed by the snow-capped mountains and fringed with brightly coloured prayer flags.

Namtso Lake may not have been the reason you chose to visit Tibet, but it will be enshrined in your memories henceforward as a uniquely beautiful place the like of which you would never see anywhere else in the world. Truly, a fitting end to the tour of a lifetime.

Travel to Tibet: You’ll Surely Visit Again

On this trip, you have met with true Tibetan hospitality, your needs have been taken care of every step of the way, and you have been able to enjoy some of the finest sights Tibet has to offer. Truly, it has been the adventure of a lifetime! And who knows? Perhaps you’ll be back to see if the wonders of Tibet truly are as amazing as you remembered them to be. Tibet will be waiting for you, and your Tibet tour guide will welcome you back – see you again soon!