Nyingchi peach blossom

Nyingchi peach blossom

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The World Highest Peach Blossom Awaits Your Visit in April 2020
Peach blossoms bloom in Nyingchi southeast Tibet
Nyingchi peach blossom
While most regions of center, Northern and western Tibet are still experiencing the cold winter season, spring is already tiptoeing in southeast Nyingchi of Tibet Autonomous Region, 410 kilo meters from east of Lhasa Tibet.
Unlike peach trees in South and East China, wild peach trees of Nyingchi  are native to Tibet, they are taller with more profuse flowers. it’s known as “Tibetan peach”, commonly known as “wild peach”. The trees are taller with thicker trunk and the wildly blooming flowers are numerous. The life span of the peach tree in Tibet is said to have more than one thousand years.
The Best time for Nyingchi peach blossom festival
According to all 18-previous annual Nyingchi  peach blossom festivals hosted (15th March 2002- 29th March 2019), it is considered from 15th March to 20th April is the best time to experience the blossoming peach flowers of the region. However, owing to its elevation and temperature variation of different counties of the region, the flowering phase is slightly different among the most popular destinations with about one week’s difference.

Here are some of the best-known peach blossom destinations of Nyingchi 

*Kala village – One of the best places in Nyingchi  to enjoy flowers from March 15 to April 10: Kala village, located 10 kilometers east of Drak Yip (Bayi) town, the district center of Nyingchi prefecture. During this short period, the peach flowers bloom all over the mountains, some bloom in petal clusters, others with bold individual blossoms, even the faintest floral whiff on a spring breeze can whisk viewers far, far away.

* Song Zong town (2720meters) is located on the national highway 318. The town is another place where the peach blossom is concentrated and blooming in Pomi. Generally, the best angle for shooting peach blossoms in Song Zong town is to set off the surrounding snow mountain. The shooting time can be early morning or late evening. At this moment when everything wakes up from the winter, pink and white peach trees, green barley and colorful Tibetan houses bring the most beautiful dowry of nature. In addition to peach flowers, there are many wild animals and plants and rare trees in Song Zong township.

*Kongpo Gyada Laru village (lowest elevation 2800m, average elevation 365om) has its peach blossom from April 5 to April 30, the peach blossom in Laru village is the most abundant one in the county. The whole village is full of over 100 years old peach trees with strong and powerful branches. Mid-April is the best time to enjoy peach blossom, the whole village is surrounded by clouds. When the peach blossom is in full bloom, it looks like a fairyland.

* Draksum Tso Lake 3538 meters, located 50 kilometers away from the upper reaches of the Bahe River in Kongpo Gyada county, also known as “Tso Go Lake”, is considered as a holy land of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism, scenic area of this place integrates snow mountains, forests, lakes, waterfalls and pastures, and is known as “little Switzerland”. Draksum Tso is a world of ice and snow and peach blossom in April. Situated in a tranquil environment, Tsozong temple on the island with peach blossoms and pine trees complement each other, making it an ideal place to travel in spring.

An easy way of getting to Nyingchi  Tibet

More and more people from around the world choose Nyingchi  2980 meters, for their arrival city to Tibet by air, because of its elevation being lower than some of the major cities, like Lhasa, and Shigatse which provide advantages of better acclimatisation before embarking on any adventurous trips to higher places of the plateau.

There are several cities in mainland China, that conveniently connect Menling airport of Nyingchi  prefecture, such as Guangzhou(2 flights on Monday & Friday, Chengdu(5 flights each day, taking 2hours & 30minutes), Chongqing(2 flights each, taking 2hours & 40minuets), Shenzhen(1 flight each day,taking 5hours ), and Xian (1flight except on Tuesday & Thursday, taking 2hours 40minutes).