Tibet Photography tour


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Tibet Photography tour

Begin your Tibet photographer tour. Tibet will bring you other beautiful experiences. Located in the western frontier of China. Tibet comes across as the “roof of the world.” There is a unique landscape with a clear blue sky with over a thousand of the turquoise lake. As well as explore the depth of Tibetan culture and traditions.

Here, we connect with passionate travelers from every corner of the world. Tibet is one of the best destinations for people who love to make a unique photography experience. You need to engage with the travel company that has depth knowledge of that particular profession. Indeed, that has made significant exposure to operating world National geographical photographer, known as Mr. Alan and other members of him.
Let’s create an exclusive Tibet photography tour for your vacation by exploring the magic of Tibet’s unique landscape.

Why is Tibet the Best destination of Photography?

There are four positive reasons to travel to this hidden world for many spectacular photos.

Well preserve culture

No 1.  Tibet is rich in culture that brings many values to your photography tour to Tibet.  During this engagement, Tibet is the place where you can have close connections with local Tibetans. It’s aesthetic, which has not been influenced by modernization experiences at such that you often explore with another part of the world.

Unique Landscape

No2.  Tibet was Known as the third pole of the world and enormous land, which links to the Himalayan ranges from eastern & western parts of  Tibet. Also, Kunu Ranges from the  Northern part of Tibet. Hence, Its beauty nature is unique all over Tibet.  There has a substantial nomadic plateau in Northern grassland regions and a snow-capped mountain view on the eastern part of Tibet,  rocky and world top five mountain experience in the western part of Tibet.

Explore the wild lives 

No 3:  Tibet is a remote region that closed with nature and wild lives. It brings you to engage with many types of birds and wild animals in remote areas. Along the way in remote Tibet plateau, you will enjoy wild lives, birds, as well as specific wild lives that you do not often see in other regions, but highly possible during your Tibet photography tour.

Recommended by many famous photographers

No 4: Tibet is the world’s best destination where you can explore the best of Photography experience. A number of our regular travelers and photographer who immensely enjoy and fulfill their time, and they received national and international awards on their photos. We Tibet Native Travel company gets many excellent feedbacks on many of Tibet photography tours that we introduced to them.

Why is Tibet Native your best choice for a qualitative photography tour for avid photographers?

There are several reasons that you will choose our services and arrange your photography tour uniquely and successfully way.
We operated the world-famous photographer Alan & David Noyers

It’s me, Sonam, owner of the company. Being a tour guide in my twenties, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to guide him. It is a beautiful experience and lesson for me.  I have a strong desire to operate this photography tour for interested clients that make the best lifetime experience.

Our teams are happy to design an unforgettable Tibet photography tour in every corner of Tibet with our profound and practical knowledge, we believe that what is the best way to show you the direction of a perfect photo stops and arrange a professional photography itinerary that makes you of your photography tour a reality.


Excellent Guide and Driver will accompany with you

 We had a great team, and we will arrange the superb tour guide and driver who will accompany their great passion since our guide used to a keen interest in making a great photo.

We had a professional guide who shows you the best destination making great photos and always a passion for serving you. Our driver will take you to every possible destination and ever a ready to accompany you. 

Moreover, the Company will arrange everything as your per request and you will flexible to change your schedule. 

Member of local Photographer Club 

We would be there to assist you at every step of the way from the beginning till the end unless you enjoy the last bit of your Tibet photography tour. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can include the number of days you would like to explore the land of snow. 

Third, In the last 10 + years, engage with local professional photographers, as a premium member of local photography association. We ensure to show you the best and unique destinations where you will get the best photoshoot experience and an unforgettable experience. Meanwhile, we will also arrange an expert and local professional photographer to accompany you if you like to do the photography experience beyond your imagination. 

What should you need to know before you plan your Tibet photography tour 

Frist, Tibet is a politically sensitive area. Some places like border area, military zone, police station, as well as the security area you should avoid making a photo or video shoot. 

Second, Many tourist sights in Tibet are related to Buddhist culture, and it has monastic regulation. Therefore, You not allowed to take photos, but some sights allowed you to take pictures. But, it will charge some little amount of fee as a donation. Besides, our guide will always remind you. 

Third, Traditionally, Tibetan people warm-hearted people, some senior Tibetans are not interested in making photos since Tibet tourism developed in recent years, and many travelers take photos without any permission. However, Not all the senior Tibetans, someone would love to others, can take a picture. So, you should alert with it before you focus on any traditional senior peoples that you like to make photo experience. 

Things you need to pack for the Photography tour in Tibet

We can organize your trip most memorable and meaningful. You will keep arranging your packing. Here in the below, we suggested What to pack before you can book our Tibet Photography tour. These packing lists you should bring with you in advance. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot since all these types of equipment exported. 

We will be there to assist you at every step, from the beginning till the end of your Tibet photography tour. Also, you can plan the number of days for your photography tour. Depending on your budget and preferences, we can organize your trip in the most memorable and meaningful way.

  • Digital Cameras & All the important cameras stuff
  • Tyre pod, Lens, extra battery, Sim card, Protected bags for camera stuff.
  • Down Jacket & Rainy coat, 
  • walking shoes
  • Comfortable handbags
  • Torch
  • Comfortable pants
  • Smartphone or tablets to check the weather forecast
We highly recommend the Saga Dawa festival for your photography tour

Let’s meet for a photography tour in Tibet during Saga Dawa festivalhttps://www.tibetnative.com/tour/2020-shoton-festival-awaits-you-here-in-lhasa-tibet/Where you will find the best opportunity to get an up-close feature of Tibetan cultural beauties during one of the most celebrated festivals in Lhasa