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Top 8 Places Not To Miss When Visiting Tibet, With Tibet Native

Tibet is considered one of those offbeat destinations that are rich with scenic beauty and enthralling architectures. It is a destination blended with natural beauty and spirituality. Are you excited to travel to this Himalayan destination and witness the popular Tibet tourist places? With Tibet Native, the journey becomes more convenient and hassle-free.

From stepping into the divine monasteries of Lhasa to taking pleasure in capturing the appealing scenic beauty of Mount Everest and Kailash, with Tibet Native you can have a worthwhile experience.

Here’s what we cover in our Tibet tour. Take a look at the Tibet tourist attractions that are in the limelight.

A List Of 8 Places To Visit In Tibet

  1. Potala Palace – The Beauty of Art: Potala Palace is one of the finest places to visit in Tibet that is rich with culture and art. It is prominently located by the side of the Red Mountain, Marpo Ri, in the northwest of the beautiful Lhasa city. King Songtsan Gampo in 637 laid the foundation stone of this Potala palace which was named after Mount Potalaka, the sacred mountain abode of the Bodhisattva of compassion. However, the palace was reconstructed and renovated in 1645 by Losang Gyatso, the 5th Dalai Lama. From the day onwards, the palace was used as the residence of Dalai Lama and gained the limelight as the theocratic center of Tibet. The 13 storeyed high edifice palace was among the world tallest buildings ever built before the advent of the 20th-century skycrayper, is one of those exciting Tibet places to visit that, if missed, turns out to be a great loss. The palace is known for its delicate piece of arts and is highlighted as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.
  1. Jokhang Temple – The Sacred destination of Tibet: Stepping down to the Barkhor Square, Lhasa, you will come across the most sacred destination, Jokhang Temple. No matter whether you are setting off for a pilgrimage tour, taking blessings from Jokhang temple is one of the finest things to do in Tibet. Jokhang temple is a showcase of ancient Tibetan art and culture, The temple’s design and construction are attributed to Nepalese artisans, with Indian Vihara and Nepalese model. The temple was built by King Songtsan Gampo in order to house the statue Akshobhya Buddha brought by the Nepalese queen, Bhrikuti. In recognition of the queen Bhrikuti who bore the expense of construction of Jokhang temple, the temple’s main gate faces west towards Nepal.
  1. Namtso Lake – The Holy Lake: Another most pleasing tourist attraction is the Namtso lake. The lake is located in the autonomous region of Tibet in Damxung County and Baingoin (Pelgon) County. It is highlighted as the second largest salt lake in China at an average altitude of 4700 meters. Along the shores of the holy lake, four Tibetan Buddhist temples are formed. The turquoise water circled with snow-capped mountains and the blue sky, make the view worth-capturing, especially the snow peak of Nyenchen Tanglha range 1000km long with the highest point being 7090 meters, to the southwest is a bonus for visitors to capture the breathtaking portrait of the lake.
  1. Mt. Everest Base Camp – The Lofty Range of Himalayas: Tibet Native never misses out taking you to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. With our Tibet Everest Base Camp tour, you will get the freedom to go closer to Everest North Face. The refreshing air teamed with the picturesque nature leaves no space to turn the journey worth-remembering.
  1. Mt. Kailash – The Sacred Mountain: Among the prime places to visit in Tibet, Mount Kailash is another worth-to-visit place. The sacred mountain is not just a home for the Tibetan people, but even religious believers all around the world prefer to visit this place once in their life. Endless pilgrims visit this place every year. Would you like to witness the holy peak? With Tibet Native’s pilgrimage tour, you can have this “heaven on earth” experience.
  1. Sera Monastery – Featured for Buddhism Debating: If not Tibet Everest Base Camp tour, we even offer a pure pilgrimage tour to our travelers. Sera monastery is one of the three great monasteries in Lhasa and a favorite choice of travelers. Sera Monastery is primarily known for its debate session, open for all tourists to witness and learn Buddhist culture, art, and heritage. If you are willing to enjoy the charm of Buddhism and gain enlightenment, stepping into this monastery should be one of the fundamental things to do in Tibet.
  1. Tashilhunpo Monastery – The Largest Monastery in Tsang region of Tibet: Tashilhunpo Monastery is noted as the largest monastery in Shigatse and is one of those four Gelugpa Monasteries of Tibet. Gandan Monastery, Drepung Monastery, and Sera Monastery are the other three. One of the most famous attractions of this monastery is Jamkhang Chenmo, and this tall building houses the world’s largest gilded copper statue, 26 meters in height, which looms over every spectator, leaving everybody in awe-inspiring at their first sight of the giant image.
  1. Norbulingka – The Package of Art and Culture: Norbulingka is another Tibetan palace well-known for its art and culture. The palace was built in the year 1755 in Lhasa and later since the 1780s become as a summer residence of the Dalai Lamas. Stepping into this palace is a beautiful escape into a wonderland of lush green gardens interspersed with scenic water features and architectural masterpieces, you will find a little resemblance of the Potala Palace. The palace is now listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, serving as an example of Tibetan architecture.

Apart from the sublime of the Himalayas and other Tibet tourist places, Tibet is also known as a home for Buddhist pilgrims. Being a famous Buddhist pilgrimage destination, we at Tibet Native conduct a pilgrimage tour as well.

Are you interested in joining us in our upcoming pilgrimage tour or Tibet Everest Base Camp tour? Here we have some travel tips for you.

  • Plan and let us know before it is too late.
  • Plan a trip in the best months from May to October.
  • Don’t forget to carry the Tibet Entry Permit.
  • Carry medicines and follow safety measures as you will be traveling to a high altitude.

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