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If you’re looking forward to discovering mysterious and beautiful Tibet, you may have heard that getting the required china visa and Tibet travel permit very complicated. But we are here to make the process simple. Follow the steps below, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

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  1. You Need an Authorized Licensed Tour Company on Your Side

To visit Tibet, the first thing you will need is an authorized tour company to show you around. The law does not allow for visits by unguided foreigners. Since you are reading this, you have clearly found the solution already thanks to Tibet Native Tours and Travels.

  1. Getting Your Documentation in Order
    • Your Chinese Visa It is important to be aware that although you do need a Chinese visa to visit Tibet, you will also need a Tibet Travel Permit (TTP). This is true whether you travel to Tibet from China or Nepal, the only two routes into Tibet.

   How to apply for Chinese visa

  1. Tip: When applying for a visa at your local Chinese consulate, do not mention your Tibet travel plans unless you are applying from Katmandu. Tibet is a politically sensitive issue, and you may harm your chances of getting your Chinese visa approved. Once you are in a Chinese city, you can apply for your Tibet Travel Permit (TTP).


It is important to be aware that although you do need a Chinese visa to visit Tibet, you will also need a Tibet Travel Permit (TTP). This is true whether you travel to Tibet from China or Nepal, the only two routes into Tibet.


  1. What if you only get a Chinese visa? There are wonderful areas with a distinctively Tibetan culture falling outside the official boundaries of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). Our tour company will help you to explore this region if you prefer not to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit (TTP)


  1. Your visa for China only: You can enjoy areas that are steeped in Tibetan culture with nothing but a guide and Chinese visa. You will not be able to visit areas that fall within the official boundaries of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).
  2. Your visa for China including a visit to Tibet: Your visa application can begin at your local consulate if you plan to enter Tibet from China, but you will need a Tibet Travel Permit  (TTP) to visit Tibet.

Tip:Your visa from Nepal to Tibet: If your journey into Tibet begins in Nepal, you must also apply for your Chinese visa from Nepal. This isn’t as awkward as it may sound. Provide us with the necessary details and we will set the process in motion before you even arrive in Nepal. If you give us enough time, our representatives in Nepal can help you to shorten the time needed to get your Chinese visa to two or three days after your arrival.

1.Group visa: Your visa will be a group visa, and it will allow us to organize your group’s TTP for Tibet travel.






Permit for Travel in to Tibet 


Your Tibet Travel Permit (TTP)

If you are flying in from China, you will need the original of your TTP before you leave. We will courier this to you. When travelling by train, a copy is accepted. You will receive a printable electronic copy by email.
You will not be able to obtain a TTP without the help of an authorized tour agency, as the need for an agency is stipulated by law.
To help you in getting your TTP, we will need to have firm dates and travel plans for your visit as well as electronic copies of your passport (first page only) and Chinese visa. We will need this information for each person in your group. On receiving your information, we will act immediately, but arranging your permit requires at least one to two weeks. You will need a detailed itinerary for your visit. Since it may be difficult for you to formulate this remotely, we recommend that you communicate your wishes to us and allow us to complete the itinerary on your behalf.

NOTE: Although we have extensive experience obtaining Tibet travel permits for visitors, we cannot guarantee that your permit application will be approved. We do not accept liability for any costs or inconvenience resulting from a rejected permit application.


Alien’s Travel Permit (ATP) or Public Security Bureau Permit (PSB Permit)

This formality is easily finalized upon entering the Tibet. You will need our assistance to apply for your permits from the Public Security Bureau as soon as you arrive. You will not be able to get your ATP without a licensed tour operator to represent you
You won’t need an ATP if you are only visiting Lhasa, but to really experience Tibet, you will want to travel further afield. As your travel agency, you will need us to verify that you will be accompanied by guides.
Once we have all your information, we can arrange your ATP in just a few hours.


Military Permit

This permit is seldom required, but will be needed for certain zones. We will be able to advise you should it be required for your tour.
Some parts of Ngari, Nyingtri, and Nagchu have military bases and you will need a special Military Permit to visit them. Once again, we will handle this formality for you after your arrival. It should take three to five business days to obtain your permits. Abiding by the Terms of Your Travel Permits

Your permit allows single entry into Tibet and it cannot be extended. You must adhere to your travel itinerary and cannot visit additional places.
It is vital to remember that your visit depends entirely on your having an approved travel guide. Independent travel is absolutely prohibited by law.
Although you may think that this sounds rather daunting, we will keep you on track, ensuring that you are able to experience all the best of Tibet within the confines set out in your permit. Be
assured, you won’t feel confined in the least!



2.5 Tibet Travel Without a TTP

Visiting most parts of the Amdo and Kham regions requires only a Chinese visa. That is because these regions, though culturally Tibetan, do not form part of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Let us Make Visiting Tibet Easy!

Tibet Native tour service is here to ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime when visiting China and Tibet. Our service to you starts the minute you contact us. We’ll help you to plan your holiday, providing you with all the information you need and answering your questions every step of the way. Contact us today!


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