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Tibet Travel Permit is crucial for all non-Chinese passport holders to book Tibet train tickets at the railway station and board train along with a flight to Tibet.
Put, you have to obtain your Tibet Travel Permit before you layout for Tibet.
Local travel agencies will only employ Tibet Travel Permit released by Tibet Bureau and for travelers.
It requires about 10~20 days to use the permit.

How to Apply your Tibet Travel Permit and China visa ?

1.Get yourself a Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy in your home country;
2. Contact us to work through and decide the itinerary of your Tibet tour;
3. Send us your scanned copies of your passports and Chinese Visa to our travel consultant and offer an available address (like your hotel) in China to get your permit;
4. We will apply for the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Bureau for you;
5. After the permit is issued, we will send out the original permit for you by post.

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How to book your Tibet Train tickets 

Book your train tickets at Railway Stations 

It is open to book a train to Lhasa at every railway station in China’s mainland.
It would be best if you considered your original passport and Tibet Travel Permit with you.
Photocopy of Tibet Travel Permit can be available if you book a train at Xining Train Station or Beijing West Train Station.
But either book your train tickets at or depart from Chongqing, Xian, and Chengdu, the original Tibet Travel Permit is necessary.
Sometimes, the Tibet Travel Permit is not needed when booking a Tibet train ticket.
You’d better always take it with in the event.
You are welcomed to get hold of us for the updated info.
If you do choose to book your ticket at the station, intend to be there as soon as possible because you need to wait in long lines and 80% there has no chance of getting your train tickets.
At Beijing West Railway Station, you can head to counter 16 at the east ticket hall of the north square, which has an English-speaking employee.
However, there aren’t any English-speaking staff generally in most of the various other train stations. It’ll be challenging to talk to one another.
You could ask your hotel to jot down your departure period, name of your destination city, or train number.
Show the info to the ticket seller and be sure you get the right ticket.
In the ticket lobby, you can view several automatic ticket dispensers, but don’t spend your time in queues since it can only just recognize Chinese ID card.
It is also open to making a call at 95105105 for a ticket reservation from 7:00 am ~11:00 pm, but only Oriental as well.
If you call and reserve a ticket before 12:00 pm, you need to collect your ticket before 12:00 am.
If you call and reserve after 12:00 pm, you need to have the ticket before 24:00.
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Send out us your passport details, and we can book the ticket for you personally.
Travel agency usually provides more significant possibility to book the train ticket to Tibet successfully compared to the individual travelers.
Tibet Native Travel offers ticket-booking service, which saves you many troubles.
We guarantee to book your train tickets without the service charge.

Could you email us and book your train tickets us: 

After you can book the train online, you’ll be the problem with collection numbers and ticket information.
Jot down this report or have a picture of them.
You then have to collect the train ticket at the railway station.
It is open to receive your train ticket at every station in the mainland of China. Nevertheless, you have to pay extra 5 RMB fee for a per ticket at
The foreigner passengers’ tickets can only just collected from the counter of a railway station.
China’s railway stations are always bustling, especially in Spring Festival, National Day, and other big festivals.